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My Shadow Self

May 9, 2019

SusieGreenShoes.jpgPhoto of/by Susan Kirschbaum **words/poetry & image/Copyrighted material

NO BLUES for the girl in the green shoes

Electric Neon Dream Candy

The envy of every Dandy

Lighter than the Queen

She can hop a caravan in those things

The camel reads her mind

Then takes off like Pegasus.




Gucci Meets Girl

May 6, 2019

SusanKirschbaumGucciPeacockI.jpeg(Photo  by Susan Kirschbaum at GUCCI Beauty launch/Doubles/NYC/5/4/2019

The British call girls “Birds.” So the Italians brought in a Peacock. 


April 30, 2019

MYPOINTESHOESSUSANKIRSCHBAUMBLACK.jpegPhoto Susan Kirschbaum/ copyright 2019

Reuniting with my pointe shoes. A #selfie of sorts.  #ballet #life #dreams  Posted for #internationaldanceday

Ode to Man Ray

April 27, 2019

SusanKirschbaumSelfPortrait.jpg**Self Portrait by Susan Kirschbaum

The moon beam called me by name. “Hopeful and incandescent.” Then kissed me on the lips…. (my words #selfreflection/life as a dream.)


March 7, 2019

The Lovers:Manray.jpgImage: “The Lovers” ManRay Text: My writing from current collection of poetry and verse (Copyright 2019)

You didn’t want me to leave

So you left me many times

You left for users and thieves and crackheads

Who’d leave you for dead without fame or drugs

Left for vampires and idiots

And wood creatures who smelled bad up close.

— Susan Kirschbaum (Copyright 2019)

Abandoned (he ignored the note)

March 4, 2019


I waited for you. Like purity in the dark. 

(Words/Photo: Susan Kirschbaum)

Self Service

March 1, 2019


I like to pretend that I’m a French New Wave #film star.  “La Nouvelle Vague” et moi.  **I used to be in #fashion.   (**This message is entirely self serving. #selfie taken today.)