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November 1, 2010

Susan Kirschbaum as black widow spider and Thomas Hayo, one of the masters of ceremony, at the Standard Hotel, some time past midnight, Halloween 2010. (photo taken by artist Dustin Yellin)

Not too many cities can eclipse New York in degrees of Halloween fever (except, perhaps  original vampire author Anne Rice’s home town New Orleans.)Yes, one of the most talented fashion designers, Alber Elbaz hosted a costume party at the Lanvin store on Friday night, but it looked more like editors’ red carpet roll than the hedonistic pagan festival this holiday should be. This year, Saturday night flashed RED HOT.

Kudos to film editor Gary Breslin for screening his scary short film to kick off the evening at the Bowery Hotel. (He’s one to watch!) Creative intellectuals headed to Allison Sarofim’s Calder circus at her downtown townhouse where Sarofim donned a Calder sculpture as a hat and Martin Cohn dressed a Cindy Sherman photo of a clown. But, once we were all ready to loose our minds, a motley crew of sexy beauties and beasts headed to the Standard Hotel– redone as “Heaven and Hell” for the eve– with the heavenly portion in the Boom Boom room and the damned stomped  into “Le Bain” to groove and grind with hosts Andre Balazs, Purple Editor Olivier Zahm, and Thomas Hayo (seen here in the pic!)

Subliminal urges surface each Halloween.  I found myself oddly drawn to Thomas’ Rasputin like character. Olivier — better known to us as “Oz”–  paraded around as an Orthodox Jew. And, Andre played the pervy priest and flashed me his shimmery bikini under his robes and mooned me with his thong.

All in good fun! All in good fun!

Until next round…..


Waris fooled everyone at Allison Sarofim’s “Calder Circus.” He fooled everyone EXCEPT me!  Since he marks a birthday this week and we share an astrological sign, I made a “Scorpio pact” with him not to reveal his identity on Halloween. But, we’re well past midnight! By the time he got to the Standard, the clown head felt warmer than the bowels of hell, so at the end he was left, like Darth Vader, all kohl eyed and spooky, yet still unrecognizable to most who still lingered ’round 4 a.m.

Martin Cohn, beautiful as a boy, gorgeous as a dame in Nina Ricci ten foot heels, he’s the ultimate chameleon. Here, he interprets a photo of a Cindy Sherman clown. He kept the costume going for hours, from Allison Sarofim’s townhouse to dancing in “Hell” at Le Bain at the Standard. This guy’s a trooper, especially for a good look: the ultimate image warrior. He should train models one day on how to stay hot under pressure and stop bitching about catwalk heels.

Who said socialites possessed no sense of humor? Here’s Fabiola Beracasa (right) as Russell Brand and her beau (left) as Katy Perry. She gets my award for ballsiest gal on Halloween. She dressed up as a grungy dude while the rest of us felines were tramping around in some hot to trot get up we’re too intimidated to wear on  nights that do not require costume.

Artist Dustin Yellin (left) and photographer Craig McDean as priest (right) pose in “Heaven,” the Boom Boom Room at the Standard  Hotel. I first met Dustin at Spy bar years ago, when he was dancing around on one foot like Rumpelstiltskin and telling me he was the “greatest artist since Andy Warhol.” He also had a thing for answering doors naked back then. Turns out he’s a talented artist. As for Craig, who shoots some of the best fashion photographs around,  he’s always been absolutely lovely, from his early days, until now.

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