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Mick Jagger’s Kid Has Girls Throwing Themselves On the Floor

June 14, 2010

Jimmy Jagger and Turbogeist rock secret show in basement of Milk Studios with Rolling Stones daughters in front row

(**All text and video by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

Just when you thought rock n’ roll consisted of a bunch of  kiddie buggers copying Eigthies new wave, along comes Jimmy Jagger — son of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger  — and his metal band, Turbogeist. No doubt about it, this kid will be a star. His style — what with his sneakers, shorts, baseball cap , and tattoos — may be more AC/DC than Rolling Stones. His sound mixes elements found in Nirvana, Metallica, the Sex Pistols, and early pre-commercial U2 (the WAR album.) I didn’t hear much Stones influence at the secret show that started around 1 am Saturday morning,  in the basement of Milk Studios in the Meatpacking district. But I did witness, Jimmy’s sister Lizzie Jagger, Keith Richard’s daughter Theodora, and a friend I’ll call “tutu girl”  kneel while head banging their luscious locks into the floor. Watch the video closely and you’ll see Lizzie perfect the hair swing. It takes a heavy dose of rock n’roll to get any girl to do this. She may be a relative, but you can’t fake this move. (**To see more, Milk Studios will run a longer full video in the near future and I’ll add the link to this website.)

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