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Paint Me Up! Paint Me Down!.. at Whitney Art Party: THE OUT TAKES

June 11, 2010

Richard Phillips bag for Jimmy Choo, carried by the lovely Lisa Anastos

(**All text and photos by Susan M. Kirschbaum. SLIDESHOW by the incredible Baron Von Fancy!)

What could I tell my dear friend Natasha Royt, that platinum blonde bombshell stylist, when she informed me that she lost out on her most coveted item this week: a self-portrait of artist Terence Koh, looking a bit like a seaweed alien? I think he intended that for the work he donated to Wednesday’s auction for the annual Whitney Art party. Koh’s piece sold for over two thousand and all proceeds from all the works lining the walls by many including  Cecily Brown and Van Neistat (look for “weed, whiskey, women” in the slide show) went to the Whitney Museum of American Art. At the same party at a space on Mercer Street, other pals did other things.  Jewelry designer Pam Love wore one of the white tunics BCBG gave to girls that evening so she could be silkscreened with paint by artist Ryan Humphrey. A bunch of  Vogue darlings also wore their art too, paint on dresses by artists Ellen Harvey, Liz Magic Laser, and Jason Middlebrook.  The party proved great eye candy, a rare symbiotic marriage of art, style, and spontaneity. Here’s what caught my eye , photo above and out takes below. **Special THANKS to “the Cinderella Factory,” which is what I now call Zac Posen’s showroom. His dresses can turn a night into magic.**

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