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What Happens When You Give a Bunch of Famous F***s a Magic Pen?

May 19, 2010

Francois Hugon’s creation with a DBA biodegradable pen: CLAP!… bought by Warholian artist Jenny Holzer

(**All text and photos by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

The Creative Mind and  A World Friendly Pen, an experiment by DBA. Light years more intelligent than any crap seen on reality television or the so-called  air brushed reality of other mediums, a man or woman with a booklet of recycled paper and one biodegradable pen cannot lie. Well, technically, we can make up things  but the integrity of the creation remains closer to one’s soul. The pen while in motion is after all attached to one’s hand.  DBA– makers of  a 98% biodegradable pen (much of it, potato starch)– asked a whole mess of creative , possibly mad types including author  (and model lover ) Salman Rushdie, actors Colin Firth, Matthew Modine, artist Dan Colen, illustrators Isabel and Rubin Toledo and me, among others,  to write or draw. Check out what blossomed.  All the work went up for auction at the New York Standard Hotel last weekend to benefit Riverkeeper, an organization overseen by Robert F. Kennedy (who also drew an eagle!)  to keep our rivers clean.

My friend, photographer Francois Hugon got cheeky with a self-portrait (above) and the word “CLAP,” bought  (for $150) by Warholian artist Jenny Holzer, who must have recognized something of her own aesthetic in the one word descriptive. Holzer– whose own contribution to the auction is featured below– made her name by writing, collaging, or erecting in LED lights, words that stick in the mind. Of course, Holzer’s work sells for several thousand. (Francois, it’s a start!)

My contribution, “CHIC SHIT, the last chick lit novel you’ll ever need to read,” with original stick figure illustrations, sold (for $200) to a guy named “Billy.” It’s a tale of a girl who goes to college for her “Mrs.” degree  and eventually attains her life’s dream, to be cast in a Real Housewives reality show. Funny, since the pages displayed after the jump (hit “more” below) feature  illustrations of my protagonist’s breasts. Not one woman seemed interested. But three guys bid, including Bobby Kennedy III, who told me that the following line really grabbed him: “She pinched the insides of her thighs that were still too gooey.”

To note: Mick Jagger supposedly drew/wrote a booklet for this auction but I did not see it. A pal at the party said Mick wrote “hi” then signed his name, a nice warm and fuzzy autograph from Jagger. The ones that did not sell will soon be on the block at DBA’s website. If one taps into your inner child or closet maniac, you can bid and help Riverkeeper. CLICK: DBARIVERKEEPER

Work by Jenny Holzer for DBA/Riverkeeper auction….

**Thanks to Brooke Geahan who pulled together all the contributors for DBA. Well done!


Chic Shit booklet by Susan M. Kirschbaum

This looked super cool, like Alice in Wonderland, by Matthew Modine

Zoloft the dog by “cousin Bob,” aka talented funny writer Bob Morris

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  1. May 19, 2010 2:24 pm

    thanks susan

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